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Wastewater valves

Combined Check Valves or Hydraulic actuators weight loaded HAWL valves are used at all critical areas where the pipelines must be reliable, immediate and controlled quickly for valve closing, e.g. in case of external power losing, cutting off electricity cables during The earthquake, disasters In a system, ruptured pipelines, etc.) While for the valve closing is used a potential energy of lifted weight.

Series 7800 is double flanged eccentric resilient seated plug/ball valves which are suitable for sewage, slurry, wastewater, waterworks and raw water and applications. Valve ports shall be of round port type. The body seat shall be furnished with a welded-in overlay stainless steel seat, precisely machined inside the valve body for providing high corrosion and wear resistance, long service life and reliability.

SIERRA Model 3100 – 3300 – 4300 is a ductile iron full bore double – flanged metal – seated gate valve designed to comply with ISO 5996 and BS 5163 for water, wastewater, irrigation and sewage applications

SERIES 6600 is a single chamber sewage air valve, which designed to prevent dynamic closure under higher air velocity. Valves has double orifice and perform three functions. The three function of the valve shall include:


SERIES 5600 is double flanged rubber flapper (swing flex) check valve types suitable for sewage, wastewater, raw water and slurry applications. The valve has a full flow body type, the valve has an elastomeric flexible disc type and the disc is the only moving part that shall assures long life with minimal maintenance.