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Production & QC


  •  Now we bring you into our factory to see what goes into the product. A chief contributor to the valve production is our foundry complex which is designed for 12,000Tons of castings/annum and for a casting weight up to 20Tons/piece.
  • We have a team of highly specialized engineers focused on each product, they translate their experience and acquired knowledge as well as the feedback from our customers into products that fulfill specific operational requirements.
  • The manufacturing process begins in the pattern shop where experienced craftsman build large patterns from wood. Smaller patterns are produced using state of the art CNC milling machines using CAD/CAM S/W.Then those patterns are used in making sand molds using various types of materials.
  • The fully electric melting process ensures the high quality of our ductile iron. Sierra valves are therefore suitable for the most demanding applications.
    We have a good command of the material metallurgy. Ductile iron production is controlled in our state of the art laboratories. Chemical analysis, tensile testing, hardness testing and microstructure are amongst the various tests undertaken in our onsite laboratories to ensure our compliance with material specifications and standards.
  • Machining and welding, is performed in our facility under the most stringent quality control. Sierra’s priority is perfect protection against corrosion. Our epoxy resin powder coating is ultimate protection against corrosion. The powder is sprayed on valve components preheated to more than 200C thus fusing on the casting skin to form a durable coating.
  • Skilled workers then assemble the valves according to client requirements.
  • 100% Pressure testing with modern testing benches ensuring the high quality and reliability of our products.


  • Quality Policy, We fulfill our Mission to enable our partners of building and sustaining communities. Quality for our partners means they can rely on our products and services to consistently meet their specifications and requirements.
  • Sierra QC process is strictly adhered to throughout the manufacturing cycle and includes a combination of in house inspection, ISO required process and audits by outside entities such as Inspection of all parts from outside suppliers are in process inspection during casting, machining and assembly and then final inspection prior to shipping ensures that all customers and industry requirements are met including documentation and special testing.. No valve leaves our facility until its pressure tested before final approval.