Sierra Valve School

Sierra Valve School is a Training Center/academy developed by Sierra Engineering & Manufacturing that provides multiple training courses and programs to support stakeholders and organizations working in the Field of Water, Wastewater & Irrigation, e.g, The Holding Company for Water and wastewater and its 25 subsidiary governmental water companies, as well as the New Urban Communities Authority, Consultants, Contractors, and Technical Secondary Schools for Water and Sanitation.The Training Courses will cover the whole Valve production cycle starting by metal cast Pouring, quality and inspection of molten metals (alloy is more suitable), the machinig processes, surface preparation/powder coating, Valves assembly, hydrostatic testing and Valves Simulation at Sierra’s Hydraulic LabWe invite you to visit our Manufacturing Facilities to get more information about Sierra Valve School

In a rapidly changing environment, continuous training is a mandatory to improve everyday work performance and develop further skills and competencies. Sierra engineering andmanufacturing provides different training programs/workshops to enhance its stakeholders and organizations performance, and improve their knowledge in the field of engineering, installation, maintenance, commissioning of different types of valves, e.g. isolation, check air and control valves

Training Programs