About Us (SWAT)
Sustainable Water Technologies
“Sustainable Water Technologies ( SWAT)
Who We Are

Sustainable Water Technologies ( SWAT)

Sierra Engineering and Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of water, wastewater and irrigation valves in Egypt, Sierra has expanded its product offerings to include “Sustainable Water Technologies”.

our mission

SWAT mission is to help Egyptian utilities adopt new technologies to be able to efficiently manage their networks

our vision

To become the preferred partner for water utility companies in Egypt for implementing Sustainable Water Technologies

SWAT Solutions

We provide End to End Innovative Solutions that bring together the top leading international suppliers of hardware infrastructure and measurement devices, and state of the art smart water management platform, In addition to Sierra’s wide range of isolation and automatic control valves, combined with our expertise in Network Hydraulic design.

What We Offer

SWAT are aging, and the number of leaks and pipe busts gradually increase. New water networks might be subjected to leaks as well, as a result of surge in demand and material defects, leading to an extensive amount of Energy Waste and non-revenue water

 SWAT provides “End to End Innovative Sustainable Water Technologies Solutions” that help utilities

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase revenues
  • Prolong the asset life of water networks
  • Save water and energy.
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