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After Sales

What about sierra sevices

Maintenance and after sale support

Sierra supports its valve installations in Egypt by providing maintenance contractors for its clients and maintaining various spare parts in stock.

Hydraulic analysis

Sierra Engineering & Contracting, in collaboration with leading Consulting firms, is able to perform hydraulic analysis including head loss and cavitation caculation.



Sierra Valve School provides theoretical and practical training services for our clients technicians and engineers.

Identifying and proposing

1. Identifying the solution
2. Sizing the valve
3. Material selection
4. Design & Layout of valve chamber

Onsite diagnosis

It can be sometimes complex to understand the specific needs of a system. Sierra can attend on site to establish with you the specific requirements for hydraulic data and deliver a sound solution.

Hydraulic laboratory

We have set-up a small hydraulic laboratory that enables us to simulate the different valve functions such pressure reduction, flow limitation, level control, electronic control in addition to many other unique functions.


Sierra supports the commissioning of all its products. During system start up or valve replacement, a Sierra technician can assist you, on-site or by phone if you have your own technicians