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Who We Are
Sierra Today
Today Sierra has expanded its product offerings to include Automatic control valves, combined check valves, pressure management solutions for water distribution networks and pipeline mains. Now our scope also covers water loss reduction, protection of pipelines from high pressure, as well as optimizing water system by redistributing its resources as evenly as possible.
Our Vision

To be the largest manufacturing firm in our region by 2025

Our Mission

Avail state-of-the-art Control Valve Solutions to enable building and
sustaining communities by providing innovative ideas and products

Our Value

One Family - Working hard - Respect and Trust - Live to Inn

Sierra Valve School
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Sierra Valve School
SIERRA has created training platform to upgrade knowledge,acquire new skills, share best practices and innovate tomorrow’s great ideas.Training programs will support our clients with the more detailed and specific technical information to take decisions with clarity and confidence.
Water Valves
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Who We Are

About Us

Sierra is an experienced and professional manufacturer of valves. We provide probably the most comprehensive range of valves for the water, wastewater and irrigation industry in Egypt. With a broad range of products, from butterfly valves, to check valves and automatic control valves Sierra has the right product for every job. Our scope covers design and manufacturing of valves, installation and commissioning, training and after sale support. We have engineering expertise to configure products to specifically match our customer’s requirements

Wastewater Valves
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Sierra training centre is unique in the industry Both theoretical and on the job training is provided to the operators and design engineers


Sierra supports the commissioning of all its products. During system start up or valve replacement

Maintenance and after sale

Sierra supports its valve installations in egypt by providing maintenance contractors for its clients and maintaining various spare parts in stock.

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