Dual Solenoid Control Valve Model 2200

Dual  solenoid control valve is modulating valve which either opens or closes modulates receiving and electrical signal from controller to solenoid plot control



Dual  solenoid control valve is modulating valve which either opens or closes modulates receiving and electrical signal from controller to solenoid plot control


Hydraulically Actuated Automatic Control Valves Product Overview
Product Range DN50 – DN1000
Pressure Rating PN10, PN16 and 25
Temperature Range -20°C TO +70°C
Flange Dimensions EN1092-2 (DIN2501)
Hydrostatic Testing EN12266, ISO5208
Type Testing EN1074-5
Actuation Hydraulically actuated
Certificates Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system
Applications •  Water pipelines and distribution networks
•  Irrigation pipelines and networks
•  Ground reservoirs and elevated tanks
•  Pumping Stations
•  Water hammer systems
•  Water treatment plant


  • The primary benefit of using a hydraulically actuated valve is the use of line pressure as motive power to operate. Whether used to control pressure, flow or level, these valves operate without the need for external pressures and/or electricity.
  • The hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated, globe valves consist of three major components: body with SS316 seat, special reinforced diaphragm assembly, and cover with bearing installed. The only moving part is the diaphragm assembly guided top and bottom by a precision machined stem.  The nylon fabric reinforced synthetic rubber diaphragm provides superior sensitivity and control for all applications.
  • The hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valves are closed-loop systems. The main valve is controlled by a pilot that compares its spring setting (set-point) to the process variable (ie. pressure, flow, and/or level). As the process variable changes, the pilot senses the change and compensates to keep the process variable as close to the desired set-point as possible. As such, these valves are single set-point control valves, and a set-point change will require operators to change the spring setting of the pilot.
  • The valve body is made of ductile iron, withstanding both high hydraulic and mechanical stress.
  • The valve is equipped with 316 stainless steel seat, it maintains excellent durability against erosion and ensuring a drop-tight sealing.


Series 2200 – Dual Solenoid Control Valve Specifications


Automatic Control Valves material of construction
ACV material of construction






Valve Size

( mm )

Hydraulically Actuated Automatic Control Valve
PN10 PN16
PDF File CAD File PDF File CAD File
50 ACV50-10 CADACV50-10 ACV50-16 CADACV50-16
80 ACV80-10 CADACV80-10 ACV8016 CADACV80-16
100 ACV100-10 CADACV100-10 ACV100-16 CADACV100-16
150 ACV150-10 CADACV150-10 ACV150-16 CADACV150-16
200 ACV200-10 CADACV200-10 ACV200-16 CADACV200-16
250 ACV250-10 CADACV250-10 ACV250-16 CADACV250-16
300 ACV300-10 CADACV300-10 ACV300-16 CADACV300-16
400 ACV400-10 CADACV400-10 ACV400-16 CADACV400-16
500 ACV500-10 CADACV500-10 ACV500-16 CADACV500-16
600 ACV600-10 CADACV600-10 ACV600-16 CADACV600-16
700 ACV700-10 CADACV700-10 ACV700-16 CADACV700-16
800 ACV800-10 CADACV800-10 ACV800-16 CADACV800-16
900 ACV900-10 CADACV900-10 ACV900-16 CADACV900-16
1000 ACV1000-10 CADACV1000-10 ACV1000-16 CADACV1000-16


Operation and Maintenance Manual 


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