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Combined Check Valve

Combined Check Valves or Hydraulic actuators weight loaded HAWL valves are used at all critical areas where the pipelines must be reliable, immediate and controlled quickly for valve closing, e.g. in case of external power losing, cutting off electricity cables during The earthquake, disasters In a system, ruptured pipelines, etc.) While for the valve closing is used a potential energy of lifted weight.

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The model 1100/S Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydrauli-cally operated, diaphragm actuated, control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand or varying upstream pressure, Thanks to a Sole-noid Control, the Valve will also open or close in response to a signal

Sierra water air valve series 6400-PP Are Hydromechanical devices designed to automatically release or admit air during pipeline filling, draining, or operation of a water pipeline or system. The safe operation and efficiency of a pipeline are dependent on the continual removal of air from the pipeline.

The model 2400 is a pressure management valve that reduces high line pressures to lower distribution system levels, as it can switch between two pilots by means of a latching solenoid. The solenoid control feature can be activated by an electrical signal from a battery-operated controller.