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Eccentric Plug Valves

Series 7800 is double flanged eccentric resilient seated plug/ball valves which are suitable for sewage, slurry, wastewater, waterworks and raw water and applications. Valve ports shall be of round port type. The body seat shall be furnished with a welded-in overlay stainless steel seat, precisely machined inside the valve body for providing high corrosion and wear resistance, long service life and reliability.

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The model 1100/S Pressure Reducing Valve is a hydrauli-cally operated, diaphragm actuated, control valve that reduces higher upstream pressure to lower constant downstream pressure regardless of fluctuating demand or varying upstream pressure, Thanks to a Sole-noid Control, the Valve will also open or close in response to a signal

Sierra water air valve series 6400-PP Are Hydromechanical devices designed to automatically release or admit air during pipeline filling, draining, or operation of a water pipeline or system. The safe operation and efficiency of a pipeline are dependent on the continual removal of air from the pipeline.

The model 2400 is a pressure management valve that reduces high line pressures to lower distribution system levels, as it can switch between two pilots by means of a latching solenoid. The solenoid control feature can be activated by an electrical signal from a battery-operated controller.