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Electronic Control Valves

The Model 2500 is a Low-Power Electronic Control Valve that brings pressure management and modulation to a new level of excellence, it is a battery-operated Pressure Reducing Valve that can operate with different control modes to optimize water network pressures.

The model 2400 is a pressure management valve that reduces high line pressures to lower distribution system levels, as it can switch between two pilots by means of a latching solenoid. The solenoid control feature can be activated by an electrical signal from a battery-operated controller.


Dual  solenoid control valve is modulating valve which either opens or closes modulates receiving and electrical signal from controller to solenoid plot control



The model 2300 is a series of motorized   pilots  That  can be used with all network control valves pressure reducing sustaing and flow limiting valves . The Motorized pilot is basically conventional  hydraulic pilot that is driven by a motor remote set point adjustment .

The Single solenoid control valve is considered to be an ON/OFF valve. A normally (open – close) solenoid controls the paths of water through the pilot tube, either by tripping the water inside the valve’s bonnet chamber or releasing it out. Normally this solenoid depends on a controller signal to open or close generally according to a certain level of a tank

Failure to maintain Automatic Control Valves can result in network pressure oscillation and surges, which lead to a mechanically stressed network, increased burst frequency and an increased level of Non-Revenue Water.