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Water And Irrigation Valves

Combined Check Valves or Hydraulic actuators weight loaded HAWL valves are used at all critical areas where the pipelines must be reliable, immediate and controlled quickly for valve closing, e.g. in case of external power losing, cutting off electricity cables during The earthquake, disasters In a system, ruptured pipelines, etc.) While for the valve closing is used a potential energy of lifted weight.

SIERRA model 7200 is concentric rubber lined valve, double flanged or wafer type that shall be suitable for installation between flanges. Face to face according to EN 558 table 5 basic series 20 valves are drilled in accordance with EN 1092-2. The disc has a profiled sealing edge which requires minimal deformation of the liner to achieve a tight sealing.

SIERRA model 7500 is an eccentric disc seated – double eccentric – butterfly valves. Valve body and discs are designed to provide minimal flow resistance.

SERIES 6400 is a single chamber aero-kinetic water air valve, which designed to prevent dynamic closure under higher air velocity.Valves has double orifice and perform three functions. The three function of the valve shall include:

The nozzle check valve is one of the faster closing check valves that reduce slam and water hammer due to its short linear stroke.The nozzle check valve design also reduces head loss during operation. Hence is one of the most economical valves.

SIERRA model 5400 is a swing type tilting disc check valve that is a development of the traditional type swing check valve that has been designed to allow for frequent flow reversals without causing wear in the shaft seat which is a common feature of the swing check.

Sierra water air valve series 6400-PP Are Hydromechanical devices designed to automatically release or admit air during pipeline filling, draining, or operation of a water pipeline or system. The safe operation and efficiency of a pipeline are dependent on the continual removal of air from the pipeline.